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Interuniversity Research Center for Theoretical Material Science (IRCTMS)

About the laboratory

This laboratory was established as part of a scientific research project supported with a monetary grant awarded by the Government of the Russian Federation under a grant competition designed to provide governmental support to scientific research projects implemented under the supervision of the world's leading scientists at Russian institutions of higher learning (Resolution of the RF Government No.220 of April 9, 2010).

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Grant Agreement No.:

Name of the institution of higher learning:
Samara State University

Fields of scientific research:
Chemical sciences

Methods of theoretical prognostication of materials with prescribed properties.

Leading scientist


Leading scientist's full name: Proserpio, Davide Maria

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Academic degree and title:
Doctor of chemistry

Job title:
Professor at the University of Milan, department of chemistry

Field of scientific interests:

1. Topological crystalline chemistry.
2. Structure of coordination polymers and intertwining atomic motives.
3. X-ray structure analysis of crystalline substances.
4. Semi-empirical computer methods in quantum chemistry.

Scientific recognition:

- Recipient of the "Premio Raffaello Nasini" and a golden medal from the Italian Chemical Society in 2002;
- Author of 49 invited reports at international conferences;
- Organizer and participant of nine international scientific schools and seminars;
- Co-author of 146 scientific articles published in referenced peer-review journals. His most cited articles have been published in the "Journal of Chemical Education", "Coordination Chemistry Review", "CrystEngComm", and "Journal of Solid State Chemistry". H-index = 53.

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