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Laboratory of Material Science and Engineering

About the laboratry

This laboratory was established as part of a scientific research project supported with a monetary grant awarded by the Government of the Russian Federation under a grant competition designed to provide governmental support to scientific research projects implemented under the supervision of the world's leading scientists at Russian institutions of higher learning (Resolution of the RF Government No.220 of April 9, 2010).

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Grant Agreement No.: 11.G34.31.0055

Name of the institution of higher learning:
Federal state budget educational institution of higher professional learning "Moscow State University named after M. V. Lomonosov"

Fields of scientific research:
Material science

Project goal:
To design unique functional materials based on the self-assembly and self-organization principles of supramolecular chemistry.

Key project objectives:
1. Highly selective ionic membranes manufactured directly in the process of self-assembly in which ionic channels are formed using supramolecular complexes.
2. Highly organized deficiency-free organic semiconductor films used to manufacture so-called organic field-effect transistors (OFETs).

Anticipated scientific outcomes:
The project will help establish a new laboratory at the Department of fundamental physical-chemical engineering of the Moscow State University. The laboratory will ensure acquisition of unique scientific knowledge in the "Functional Soft Matter Systems on Surfaces", which is considered to be a cutting-edge field of research, and help train a group of researchers specializing in polymer physics and chemistry and engineering. It is anticipated that in terms of its quality this research will exceed the current world-class level and continue upon completion of the grant-funded project.

Leading scientist

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Leading scientist's full name: Dmitry Anatolyevich Ivanov

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Academic degrees and titles:
Doctor of physical and mathematical sciences, professor

Job title:
Insitut de Sciences des Matériaux, Mulhouse, France, CNRS LRC 7228 Mulhouse, CNRS LRC 7228. Leader of the research group "Structure and phase transitions".

Areas of scientific interest:
Material sciences

Scientific recognition:
In 1992 – 1994, the leading scientist worked at the Institute of Physical Chemistry under the supervision of Professor V. V. Arslanov.
In 1995 – 1998, he worked at the Catholic University of Louvain as a member of the research group spearheaded by professor Roger Legras and Professor Alain Jonas.
In 1998 – 2005, he served as a professor in charge of the experimental laboratory of polymer physics at the Free University of Brussels.
Since March of 2005, he has been serving as the Director of the Institute of the Chemistry of Surfaces and Interfaces (ICSI) [2] in Mulhouse (France), which is part of the CNRS (UPR 9069) university and an affiliate of the University of Upper Alsace.
He is the CNRS Director of Research.

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