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Innate Immunity Molecular Genetics Laboratory

About the laboratry

This laboratory was established as part of a scientific research project supported with a monetary grant awarded by the Government of the Russian Federation under a grant competition designed to provide governmental support to scientific research projects implemented under the supervision of the world's leading scientists at Russian institutions of higher learning (Resolution of the RF Government No.220 of April 9, 2010).

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Grant Agreement No.: 11.G34.31.0052

Name of the institution of higher learning:
Federal state budget educational institution of higher professional learning "Petrozavodsk State University"

Fields of scientific research:

Project goal:
To look for a find new genes and their products responsible for regulation of the aforementioned processes.

Key project objectives:
The primary problem that this project attempts to address is based on a classic genetic analysis of the properties that play an important role in the development of inflammation processes, cellular necrosis, activation of intracellular proteinases, and development of obesity as a result of metabolic disturbances. Classic inbred lines and wild derivative types of mice will be used as a model system.

Anticipated scientific outcomes:
The project will help obtain new genetic activity data of great importance for many areas of biology. In addition, the results obtained for certain phenotypes, such as those, for example, that are TNF-resistant or those in possession of the Jo2 ability to control obesity in wild mice will be of great physiological and immunological importance for further research in humans.

Leading scientist

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Leading scientist's full name: Alexander Nikolayevich Poltorak

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Academic degrees and titles:
Candidate of chemical sciences, Associate Professor

Job title:
Professor at the Department of pathology of the Tuft University Medical School (USA), head of the Innate Immunity Molecular Genetics Laboratory at the Petrozavodsk State University (Russia).

Area of scientific interests:
Molecular genetics
Molecular immunology

Primary scientific achievements:
1. Positional cloning of the LPS-gene; the work was published in 1998 and it has one of the highest citation indexes in modern biology (approximately 6,000 references); Bruce Beutler received a Nobel Prize in physiology and medicine for this work in 2011.
2. Positional cloning of the IL12-receptor, IRAK kinase, and IRAK1BP1.

Scientific recognition:
Member of the International Mammalian Genome Society.
Member of the American Immunological Society.
Member of the Russian Immunological Society.
Associate Editor of the "PLоS ONE" and "BMC Immunology" journals;
Reviewer of the following journals: "Nature Immunology", "Journal of Experimental Medicine", "PLoS Pathogens", "PLoS Genetics", "Journal of Biological Chemistry", "Journal of Immunology".
Multiple grantee of the National Health Institute (USA), 2R01- AI056234-09,

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