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Laboratory for histology and optimized biomaterials

About Laboratory

Grant Agreement No.: 14.Z50.31.0046
Project name: Biomechanics of oral cavity and eye tissues and optimized biomaterials for implantation
Name of the institution of higher learning: Don State Technical University
Fields of scientific research: Mechanics and engineering

The goal of the scientific research consists in a comprehensive study of properties of human tissues, in particular, the oral cavity and eye tissues and adjacent organs for the development of optimized implants from artificial biomaterials, basic properties of which are identical to the materials of living tissues.

Leading scientist

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Name:   Swain Michael Vincent


Academic degree and title: PhD
Job Title: Professor, Faculty of Dentistry, Health Science Center, Kuwait University
Field of scientific interests: materials science, biomaterials, dental materials, ceramic

Scientific recognition:
1998 - Education and Research Award from the Australian Ceramic Society
2001 - Thomson Scientific Award for Scientific citation
2001 - Alexander von Humboldt Senior Research Fellowship
2013 - The Richard Brook Award, European Ceramics Society

Scientific work of the leading scientist, his/her main scientific achievements:
Swain has made significant contributions to the development and understanding of advanced ceramic materials. He developed and showed the strong link between the study of the microstructure property of partially stabilised zirconia ceramics and ceramic composites. He was one of the pioneers in the development of zirconia ceramics and the co-author of a classic text on topic “Transformation Toughened Ceramics”.
While a principal research scientist at CSIRO Swain and colleagues developed a nano-indentation material testing system and its applications to the micro-mechanical characterisation of materials properties. He assisted in pioneering the use of small spherical tipped indenters in this area and showed their relevance for more critically characterising the elastic-plastic behaviour of materials. This approach has now been implemented in most commercial nano-indentation systems. This work has made major advances in the understanding of the deformation mechanics of semi-conducting materials, carbon materials and more recently ferroelastic materials.
Swain has focussed his most recent research on biomaterials, with an emphasis on teeth, bone and dental materials and more recently eye tissue. Modelling of the stresses developed in prosthetic structures has been studied to understand the consequence of ceramic designs, selection of materials and their shape. Another area has been the use of nano-indentation to determine the mechanical properties of teeth and the influence of disease state on their properties. Two commercially relevant and highly successful research activities have been associated with the selection and assessment of coatings for a heart pump. These pumps and associated coating systems have undergone successful clinical trials and have been approved for international distribution.

Jian, Y.T.; He, Z.H.; Dao, L.; Swain, M.V.; Zhang, X.P.; Zhao, K. Three-dimensional characterization and distribution of fabrication defects in bilayered lithium disilicate glass-ceramic molar crowns 2017 Dental Materials

Swain, M.V.; Nohava, J.; Eberwein, P. A simple basis for determination of the modulus and hydraulic conductivity of human ocular surface using nanoindentation 2017 Acta Biomaterialia

Shahmoradi, M.; Swain, M.V. Micro-CT analysis of naturally arrested brown spot enamel lesions 2017 Journal of Dentistry

Jian, Y.T.; Tang, T.Y.; Swain, M.V.; Wang, X.D.; Zhao, K. Effect of core ceramic grinding on fracture behaviour of bilayered zirconia veneering ceramic systems under two loading schemes 2016 Dental Materials

Li, K.C.; Tran, L; Prior, D.J.; Waddell, J.N.; Swain, M.V. Porcelain bonding to novel Co-Cr alloys: Influence of interfacial reactions on phase stability, plasticity and adhesion Effects of design parameters on fracture resistance of glass simulated dental crowns 2016 Dental Materials

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