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Laboratory for genome transcriptional reprogramming

About Laboratory

Grant Agreement No.: 14.W03.31.0020
Project name: CDK8-mediated transcriptional reprogramming: interface of biology and medicine.
Name of the institution of higher learning: Institute of Gene Biology Russian Academy of Sciences
Fields of scientific research: Biology

Determine the mechanistic basis for the function of CDK8/19 as a gene-specific mediator of transcriptional reprogramming and elucidate the role of CDK8/19 in embryonic development, normal tissue physiology and stress responses in normal and cancer cells, using Drosophila and mammalian models.

Leading scientist


Name: Roninson Igor


Academic degree and title: PhD
Job Title: Director, Center for Targeted Therapeutics, Smart State Endowed Chair in Translational Cancer Therapeutics, Professor, Department of Drug Discovery and Biomedical Sciences 
Field of scientific interests: molecular cancer research, gene expression, protein kinases, anticancer drug targets

Scientific recognition:
1989 - Faculty Research Award, American Cancer Society
1993 - MERIT Award, National Cancer Institute USA
1999 - Roll of Honor, UICC
2001 - Sagov-Pomereniec Lectureship, Hebrew University, Israel
2016 - Breakthrough Leadership in Research Award, University of South Carolina, Columbia, USA

Scientific work of the leading scientist, his/her main scientific achievements:
Professor Igor B. Roninson, an eminent scholar in molecular biology, is a world-renown expert in targeted therapeutics, target discovery and drug design. His achievements include 33 years of running an academic laboratory with uninterrupted NIH grant funding, educational and administrative responsibilities and team building. . I. Roninson is an author of functional genomics methods for target discovery. He invented some of the first methods for identifYing novel molecular targets for drug development, even before the term "genomics" was coined" His initial melhnd, in-gel DNA renaturation (more often called "Roninson gels"), allowed one to visualize all the repeated sequences in the genome in the form of a set of bands on a gel and to identity amplified DNA sequences containing genes responsible for a phenotype.

McDermott MS, Chumanevich AA, Lim CU, Liang J, Chen M, Altilia S, Oliver D, Rae JM, Shtutman M, Kiaris H, Győrffy B, Roninson IB, Broude EV. Inhibition of CDK8 mediator
kinase suppresses estrogen dependent transcription and the growth of estrogen receptor positive breast cancer 2017 Oncotarget

Chen M., Liang J., Ji H., Yang Z., Altila S., Hu B., Schronce A., McDermott M., Schools G.P., Lim C., Oliver D., Shtutman M.S., Lu T., Stark G.R., Porter D.C., Broude E.V., Roninson IB. CDK8/19: druggable coregulators of NFkB-induced transcription. 2017 PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA

Galanos P, Vougas K, Walter D, Polyzos A, Maya-Mendoza A, Haagensen EJ, Kokkalis A, Roumelioti FM, Gagos S, Tzetis M, Canovas B, Igea A, Ahuja AK, Zellweger R, Havaki S,
Kanavakis E, Kletsas D, Roninson IB, Garbis SD, Lopes M, Nebreda A, Thanos D, Blow JJ, Townsend P, Sørensen CS, Bartek J, Gorgoulis VG. Chronic p53-independent p21 expression causes genomic instability by deregulating replication licensing. 2016 Nature Cell Biology

Levina E, Ji H, Chen M, Baig M, Oliver D, Ohouo P, Lim CU, Schools G, Carmack S, Ding Y, Broude EV, Roninson IB, Buttyan R, Shtutman M. Identification of novel genes that regulate androgen receptor signaling and growth of androgen-deprived prostate cancer cell 2015 Оncotarget

Klionsky DJ, …Roninson IB…(a multiauthor article). . Guidelines for the use and interpretation of assays for monitoring autophagy 2012 Autophagy

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