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Laboratory for quantum and nonlinear optics

About Laboratory

Grant Agreement No.: 14.W03.31.0032
Project name: Quantum effects in confined intense laser light
Name of the institution of higher learning: Federal Research Center Institute of Applied Physics of the Russian Academy of Science
Fields of scientific research: Physics

The study of quantum effects in the interaction of ultrashort high-intensity laser radiation
with matter including the interaction with quantum vacuum, as well as the generation of nonclassical states of light, is a rapidly developing area of quantum and nonlinear optics. Of particular interest are extremely confined electromagnetic field patterns that provide, on the one hand, the possibility to increase many times the peak intensity and, on the other hand, to investigate the interaction with nanoscale objects. Extreme confinement implies focusing in space and time by using femtosecond pulses.
The goals of the activity to be conducted in the new laboratory are to develop new methods for creating extremely focused structures of electromagnetic fields and to study
classical and quantum effects in the interaction of matter and vacuum with such fields, as well as to develop some devices for quantum information technologies based on the strong localization of the field.

Leading scientist


Name:   Leuchs Gerhard


Academic degree and title: Dr. Sci., speciality: Physics
Job Title: Director at the Max Planck Institute and chaired professor at the University Erlangen-Nürnberg
Field of scientific interests: Quantum optics, Classical optics, Precision metrology, Atomic spectroscopy

Scientific recognition:
2005 - Quantum Electronics and Optics Prize, European Physical Society
2011 - Fedor I. Fedorov Prize, Belarussian Physical Society
2012 - Cross of Merit Federal Republic of Germany
2017 - Honorary professor degree, St. Petersburg State University, Chemical Faculty

Scientific work of the leading scientist, his/her main scientific achievements:
During his scientific career he has contributed substantially to a wide range of topics from quantum to classical optics, including studies of non-classical light and quantum communication, focusing and nanophotonics, laser spectroscopy, gravitational wave detection and optical communication and testing. Earlier in his career he worked in laser spectroscopy, making the first observation of quantum beats in both field- and photo-ionization.
In the field of quantum optics he performed the second-ever anti-bunching experiment, showing a clear minimum of the intensity correlation function at equal times – well below the long-time average. He was one of the first to demonstrate squeezed light, pioneering quantum optics in a monolithic nonlinear resonator. The generation and characterization of robust entanglement, demonstrated in 2001 by squeezing light using the Kerr effect in standard telecommunications fibre, is one of his most cited papers.
He was the first one to discover, both theoretically and experimentally, that a strongly focused laser beam produces a much smaller focal spot when it is radially polarized. Three of his papers on this topic have been cited close to 1700 times. This advancement in focusing requires full control of all degrees of freedom including the spatial polarization pattern. The freedom conferred by manipulating the light field is advantageous in studying sub-wavelength nanoscopic structures. This has resulted in his demonstration of enhanced light transmission through a single sub-wavelength hole, and the development of an interesting (and novel) technique for separating the magnetic and electric responses of nanostructures.

Aiello, A; Banzer, P; Neugebaueru, M; Leuchs, G From transverse angular momentum to photonic wheels 2015 NATURE PHOTONICS

Bauer, T; Orlov, S; Peschel, U; Banzer, P; Leuchs, G Nanointerferometric amplitude and phase reconstruction of tightly focused vector beams 2014 NATURE PHOTONICS

Bauer, T; Banzer, P; Karimi, E; Orlov, S; Rubano, A; Marrucci, L; Santamato, E; Boyd, RW; Leuchs, G Observation of optical polarization Mobius strips 2015 SCIENCE

Bent, N; Qassim, H; Tahir, AA; Sych, D; Leuchs, G; Sanchez- Soto, LL; Karimi, E; Boyd, RW
Experimental Realization of Quantum Tomography of Photonic Qudits via Symmetric Informationally Complete Positive Operator- Valued Measures 2015 PHYSICAL REVIEW X

Neugebauer, M; Bauer, T; Banzer, P; Leuchs, G Polarization Tailored Light Driven Directional Optical Nanobeacon 2014 NANO LETTERS

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