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Laboratory for non-ivasive visualization and engineering

About Laboratory

Grant Agreement No.: 14.W03.31.0023
Project name: Visualization and engineering of eukaryotic genomes
Name of the institution of higher learning: Federal Research Centre «Fundamentals of Biotechnology» of the Russian Academy of Sciences
Fields of scientific research: Medical biotechnologies Direction (topic) of the scientific research

The creation of the laboratory will allow to obtain scientific and technical results in conjunction with the creation of new competitive technologies in the field of personalized medicine, high-tech health care and promote the introduction of health saving technologies with the application of innovations in the field of medical biotechnology, namely:
1. Creation of technology of recombinant constructs (and cell lines) based on Cas9 and related endonucleases for visualization of genomic targeting
2. A study at the level of cell lines stably expressing fluorescent sensor molecules based on Саs9 and red / infrared fluorescent proteins with conditional/regulated expression of sensors
3. Optimizing the delivery of vectors encoding the CRISPR / Cas9 system (i.e. recombinant Cas9 and sgRNA) using fluorescent sensor proteins in cells and by applying nanotechnologies
4. Visualization of genomic targeting by measuring changes in fluorescence lifetimes of recombinant Cas9 fusion proteins under conditions of specific / directed binding to genomic DNA using femtosecond laser optical and hybrid technologies.

Leading scientist

 alexei bogdanov

Name:  Bogdanov Alexei Alexeevich


Academic degree and title: Ph.D.
Job Title: Professor, University of Massachusetts Medical School (USA)
Field of scientific interests: molecular imaging, imaging probe, fluorescence lifetime, Inflammation, cancer model, Myeloperoxidase, Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Scientific recognition:
1993 Association of University Radiologists Memorial Award Paper, AUR
1994 Outstanding Pharmaceutical Paper Award, Controlled Release Society, CRS, Nice France
1997 Fuji Photo Film/ RSNA Research and Education Fund Seed Grant, RSNA, Chicago IL
1997 Center for Innovative Minimally Invasive Therapy. Pilot Study Award, CIMIT-MGH, Boston MA
1998 ISMRM Rabi Award, ISMRM, Berkeley CA
2004 Academy of Molecular Imaging Top Scientific Abstract Award, AMI, Orlando Florida
2007 Distinguished Visiting Professor and Lecturer, Emory University
2007 Nobel Conference Speaker, Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm Sweden
2009 DFG Visiting Professor, DKFZ, Heidelberg Germany
2009 Doctor of Sciences in Biophysics, Moscow State University, Moscow Russia
2016 Fellow, World Molecular Imaging Society

Scientific work of the leading scientist, his/her main scientific achievements:
Alexei A. Bogdanov, Jr. serves as a Scientific Advisor of PharmaIN, Ltd. Dr. Bogdanov is a Principal Inventor of PGC nanotechnology. He is a Private Banking Director at Finam. He has been involved with PharmaIN since its inception in 2000. He is a Professor of Radiology and Cell Biology at University of Massachusetts Medical School, Worcester MA. Dr. Bogdanov was an Associate Professor at Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital from 1992 to 2005, which he joined in 1991. He has received numerous academic awards and is the author of over 80 peer-reviewed papers and ten patents. Dr. Bogdanov has a Post-Doctoral Fellowship at the Webster Center for Biological Science, Amherst College.

Bogdanov A.A.,Jr. Gupta, S., Zhang, S. Han, G. Soft-matter meets condensed matter: synthesis and in vivo testing of long-circulating biocompatible stable 2012 Molecular Imaging and

Bogdanov, A. A., Mazzanti, M., Castillo, G., Bolotin, E. Protected Graft Copolymer (PGC) in Imaging and Therapy: A Platform for the Delivery of Covalently and Non-Covalently Bound Drugs 2012 THERANOSTICS

Shazeeb, M.S., Gupta, S., Bogdanov, A, Jr. MR Signal Amplification for Imaging of the Mutant EGF Receptor in Orthotopic Human Glioma Model 2013 MOLECULAR IMAGING AND

Huang, S.N. Farrar, C.T. ; Dai, G.P. Kwon, S.J. Bogdanov, A.A. Rosen, B.R. Kim, Y.R.
Dynamic monitoring of bloodbrain barrier integrity using water exchange index (WEI) during mannitol and CO2 challenges in mouse brain 2013 NMR IN BIOMEDICINE

Gounis, M.J. Vedantham, S. Weaver, J.P. Puri, A.S. Brooks, C.S. Wakhloo, A.K.
Bogdanov, A.A. Myeloperoxidase in Human Intracranial Aneurysms Preliminary Evidence

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