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Extreme two-dimensional structures’ optics laboratory

About Laboratory

Grant Agreement No.:  14.W03.31.0011

Project name:  Optics of crystals and heterostructures with extreme two-dimensionality

Name of the institution of higher learning: Ioffe Physical-Technical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Fields of scientific research: Physics

Project goal:

The main goal of this project is to develop the physics of semiconductor systems of extreme two-dimensionality (2D) in the field of optical phenomena related to band structure, spin, valley and exciton states, interface bonds, and possible plasmonic excitations in monolayer-thick layers, as well as to discover effects potentially suitable for nanophotonic and optoelectronic applications. This goal implies focusing on 2D crystals and heterostructures, including novel ones, fabricated from different materials by epitaxial methods allowing atomic-level control of

the layers structure.

To achieve this goal, the Laboratory for 2D crystals (L2D) – the first in Russia laboratory aimed at systematical studies of the non-carbon 2D structures – is created in the Ioffe Institute, whose achievements in theory and technology of low-dimensional systems have global significance. Consolidation of both experimental and theoretical resources under the supervision of leading scientist (Bernard Gil), who is an outstanding expert in the physics of wide-gap semiconductors and 2D materials, and, moreover, who has rich experience in the organization of scientific research, guarantees the laboratory performance as a world-level scientific centre at this frontier of science.

The main scientific objectives corresponding to the related work packages (WPs) of the project are as follows:

WP1) Development of theory and experimental studies of optical, magnetooptical, and electrooptical phenomena in van-der-Waals 2D systems.

WP2) Theoretical and experimental studies of optics in pyroelectric heterostructures comprising monolayer thick 2D insertions.

WP3) Search and prediction of novel types of 2D systems: modelling and studies of optical phenomena.

Leading scientist


Gil Bernard


Date of Birth: 26.03.1957

Citzenship: France

Academic degree and title: PhD

Job Title:.The Charles Coulomb Laboratory in the National Center for Scientific Research / the University Montpellier II

Field of scientific interests:

Solid state physics, wide-gap semiconductors, 2D crystals, heterostructures, BN, GaN, AlN, ZnO, band structure, excitons, polaritons, phonons, quantum wells, quantum dots, strain, polarization fields.

Academic recognition:

Профессор Бернар Жиль - один из крупнейших специалистов в области физики полупроводников, автор 4 монографий, 14 международных патентов и более 100 публикаций в ведущих международных журналах. Он открыл целое направление в физике - так называемые широкозонные полупроводники

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