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Quantum optics laboratory

О лаборатории

Grant Agreement No.:  14.Y26.31.0015

Project name: Hybrid light-matter states in low dimensional quantum materials with tailored functionalities

Name of the institution of higher learning: Saint Petersburg National Research University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics

Fields of scientific research: Physics  

Project goal:

Project aims at studying hybrid light-matter states in low dimensional quantum materials with tailored functionalities


WP1: Quantum transport of bosons and fermions the regime of strong light- matter coupling.

1.1.1 Theoretical studies of the spin transport of 2D cavity polaritons in nanostructures.

1.1.2 Theoretical modelling of the polariton transport under spatially inhomogeneous electrical pump.

1.1.3 Numerical modelling of the topologically non-trivial lattices for polaritons.

1.1.4 Technology elaboration for the selective etching and FIB for the fabrication of the polariton lattices (waveguide and microcavity geometries).

1.1.5 Theoretical modelling of the spin relaxation in 2D and 1D systems dressed with non-resonant electromagnetic field.

WP2: Room temperature strong light matter coupling in novel Van-Der-Waals materials.

1.2.1 Technology fine-tuning of the substrate deposition of the the transition metal dichalcogenides flakes (TMDC).

1.2.2 Technology elaboration of the open cavity fabrication using FIB.

WP3: Development of new ultrafast, low-energy photonic and integrated polaritonic devices.

1.3.1 Numerical modelling and design of the polariton beam splitter

Leading scientist


Skolnick Maurice


Date of Birth:  12.04.1951

Citzenship:  United Kingdom

Academic degree and title: PhD

Job Title: University of Sheffield

Field of scientific interests: Semiconductor physics, nano- andmicrostructures, quantum dots, coherent and nonlinear optics, condensed matter physics, quantum information

Academic recognition:  

Maurice Skolnick was the Programme Chair International Conference on Physics of Semiconductors (Edinburgh 2002), Chair, Sixth International Conference on Quantum Dots (Nottingham 2010).

Very regular member of programme and/or organising committees of international conferences, approximately 4 per year. Refereeing for all major journals.

Frequent member of review committees e.g. in France (ENS), Switzerland (NCCR), Canada (CIFAR, NSERC), and referee for grant proposals from France, Austria, Israel, USA, Canada.

Chair Semiconductor Group Institute of Physics (2006-09).

Member Prize Committee Institute of Physics (2004-08).

Member of Management Committee of QIPIRC (2004-06).

Plenary talks at three separate meetings of the International Conference on the Physics of Semiconductors (1992, Many Body Effects in Quantum Wells, 1998, Polariton Phenomena in Microcavities, 2004, Physics and Applications of Quantum Dots), the principal conference in the field of the Physics of Semiconductors. 14 plenaries in total. 120 invited talks.

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