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Magnetic systems laboratory

About Laboratory

Grant Agreement No.:  14.W03.31.0001

Project name: Design and study of new single molecule/ion magnets and molecular magnetic switching units with potential applications as robust qubits, single-molecule multiferroics, molecular quantum cellular automata, and nano-elements for spintronics.

Name of the institution of higher learning: Institute of Problems of Chemical Physics RAS

Fields of scientific research:  Materials technology

Project goal: 

The main scientific objective of the present project is to create a new generation of single ion magnets (SIMs) and molecular magnetic switching systems (MMSSs) and to elucidate the key electronic mechanisms responsible for their SIM and MMSS properties. In the framework of this general objective the following more specific goals can be distinguished: 1) synthesis of new SIMs, their structural, magnetic and spectroscopic characterization as well as comprehensive theoretical modelling; 2) experimental and theoretical study of exchange-coupled MMSSs  exhibiting the drastic change of the magnetic properties (e.g. from antiferro- to ferromagnetic and vice versa) under the action of the light irradiation; 3) study of mixed valence MMSSs changing their spin under the action of the external electric field (single-molecule analogs of multiferroics), elucidation of the possibility to tune the quantum entanglement in such system by changing the electric field; 4) elaboration of the criteria for rational design of new SIMs and MMSSs suitable for their practical applications in molecular electronics and spintronics.

From the point of view of the project management the main objective is to create an efficient new international laboratory of magnetic nanomaterials based on tight cooperation between experimentalists skilled in chemical synthesis and experimental characterization of SIMs and MMSSs, and theoreticians highly experienced in different areas of modern molecular magnetism.

ВLeading scientist


Palii Andrei Vladimirovich


Date of Birth:  30.01.1963

Citzenship: Moldova, Russia

Academic degree and title:  Dr.Sci.

Job Title:  Institute of applied physics of the Academy of sciences of Moldova

Field of scientific interests: 

Molecular magnetism, exchange interactions and magnetic anisotropy in transition and rare earth metal clusters, single molecule- single ion- and single chain magnets, problem of orbital degeneracy in the theory of magnetic exchange, vibronic interactions in molecules and crystals, Jahn-Teller effect, spin-crossover, mixed valence clusters, double exchange, dissipative electron transfer dynamics, theory of molecular quantum cellular automata, molecular spintronics, computational approaches in molecular magnetism

Academic recognition:  

• 2010 – National Research Prize of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova for Excellent Results Obtained in 2010.

• 2012 – National Research Prize of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova for Best Series of Publications on Theoretical Physics in 2012.

• 2010 – Diploma  for  Promoting of  the  Research Results on  the  International Stage  Issued   by   the   Academy  of  Sciences  of  Моldova  on the Occasion of the World Science Day 2010.

• 2011 – Certificate   of   Appreciation  Issued   by   the  American  Chemical  Society  for Valuable Contribution and Dedicated Service in the Peer Review of Manuscripts Submitted to ACS Journals.

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