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Combustion modeling laboratory

About Laboratory

Grant Agreement No.: 14.Y26.31.0020

Project name: Development of physically proved models of combustion

Name of the institution of higher learning: Samara State Aerospace University

Fields of scientific research: Energy and Conservation

Project goal:

Project aims at creating physically justified models of combustion on the basis of new spectroscopic and kinetic data on chemical processes in combustion and flame characteristics.

Project objectives are:

- Measurements and calculations of the kinetic constants for the processes involved in initiation and sustainment of combustion, formation and destruction of noxious and active species (radicals, intermediates, excited atoms and molecules, ions, etc.);

- Development of gas-dynamic and kinetic models of combustion based on physically proved rate constants and their validation on laminar model flames;

- Development of competitive technologies of energy efficient and environmentally clean combustion of hydrocarbon fuels in propulsion systems on the basis of experimental and numerical studies.

Leading scientist


Mebel Alexander Moiseevich


Date of Birth: 12.05.1961

Citzenship: USA Russia

Academic degree and title: PhD

Job Title: Florida International University

Field of scientific interests: Quantum chemistry and theoretical chemical kinetics with applications to chemical reactions in combustion, atmospheric chemistry and astrochemistry

Academic recognition:

Academia Sinica Research Award for Junior Researches 2002

IAMS Outstanding Publication Award 2003

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